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8 Steps to Prepare Your Wisconsin Home for Sale

Your home is an investment: 8 steps to prepare it for sale
Posted: June 23, 2020 by Steve Kasimatis

Let’s Get Ready To Put Your Home On the Market

If you had planned to sell your Wisconsin home this year but are now unsure whether this is a good time -- or if you need to sell soon -- I can assure you it's a good time to sell.  In my 24 years of experience selling property in this Wisconsin area, I have rarely seen such a flood of interest on our real estate websites.  Potential buyers have more time to search and are looking to improve their work-from-home environments.   

So while we have a prolonged Covid 19 stay-at-home policy, real estate transactions in Wisconsin are still very much happening.  

Buyer expectations have changed

Buyers today spend more time watching re-hab and home makeover shows; more and more of these types of shows are popping up on streaming services and cable.  These have raised the remodeling expectations of buyers for their next home.  Many sellers have taken it upon themselves to modify areas of their homes with the expectations that buyers will like their improvements so they can get a better return on their investment.  

Yes, I said it, your home is an investmentNow, if you are considering selling your home this year or want to prepare for next year, here are 8 important things to consider: 



8 steps to prepare your home for the market

  1. Spend as little as possible to gain the biggest return
  2. Curb appeal makes a difference
  3. Don't ask for more than your home is worth
  4. Get organized (minimalism wins)
  5. Upgrade lighting, plumbing fixtures, and hardware
  6. Address pet issues
  7. Update your paint
  8. Do a thorough deep cleaning

I'll post weekly blogs walking through each of these important steps.

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